Marco Oquendo Photography | Ft. Lauderdale to Key West 2011

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Guestbook for Ft. Lauderdale to Key West 2011
Dave Bunce(non-registered)
Very nice.

Dave Bunce
Marco Oquendo Photography
Joe G. you are on top of my supporting fans and encouragement. Like "A to N" I had to stay with it and tuff it through to the end. What excitement it was to see my friends racing by in the wild conditions and trying to capture the moment for them. Almost as good as being on the race!
Joe Goulet(non-registered)
Hey M
This set contains some of my favorite shots. The ones taken from the starboard quarter which show the rigs and decks of the big boats but partially obscure their hulls in the impressive swell are the best.
THIN ICE looks good breaking out of the wave as well.
Nice job getting Fowey Rocks Light in the frame with the boats.
This may be the venue where you do your best stuff - water level, good sized swell, big fast boats.
And I remember when.....